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Mentoring is a significant individual development or an empowerment gadget. Generally, mentors are basically the ones who have encountered the relative experiences at some point of time in their entrepreneurial life. It is an effective way of helping people to progress in their careers. It is a partnership between two people; mentor and mentee will be normally working in a similar field or sharing similar experiences. The kind of helping relationship based upon mutual trust and respect.

Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Engineers, College Lecturers and even retired persons with knowledge & expertise in their respective field can participate through the SME section of this unique web portal as a mentor, in order to guide the educated Omani youth to convert as young entrepreneurs and for giving a facelift to the existing SMEs with a global outlook.    


Disclaimer: OmanSupply will not be responsible for any alliance or partnership, accuracy of any advice offered by the mentor to the mentee, either any direct or indirect loss or damage or injury or any dispute which may happen between the partners or any partnerships developed through this website. We reserve the right to evaluate the profile before posting it on the website and may terminate the listed profile at any time without notice.