About Us

Welcome to OmanSupply!

We take pleasure in reaching you through this unique venture to address all the stakeholders engaged in the trading and service industry particularly the driving force of the local economy the SMEs to achieve the ‘Vision 2040’ mission and the common people who are involved in the construction of their dream home. 

OmanSupply.com is a community-minded B2B network that brings together Suppliers and Buyers from across Oman and the wider world to gain a digital edge over their competitors there by providing them an online platform to do active business and drive mutual growth. We are committed to showcase entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world for creating new opportunities for investment, partnership, collaboration and prospects to connect with industry experts.  

In this current scenario, we trust hosting of this venture is the need of the hour and which will certainly highlight Sultanate of Oman’s entrepreneurial spirit. This will lead international investors and entrepreneurs to appreciate our local talent, solutions, and opportunities that exist in our country.

For over a decade all the talk in business has been about globalisation. We live in a fast-changing world and we must look forward to consider the fundamental optimism that globalisation is bringing to emerging markets. Barriers to trade have been simplified, the regulation and the cost of doing business have been lowered, the education level of the workforce has enhanced, finally the mobile revolution and the ICT has made information accessible almost everywhere.

Our initiative is focused mainly to promote the SMEs into the main stream business world which can help young entrepreneurs to stay ahead from competition, direct access to global business to build partnerships, technology transfer, respond to potential business deals, enhance local brand visibility and be found by local as well as international customers. 

Solving the economic diversification and SMEs expansion plan involves a nation-wide effort; we are fortunate to work with Individuals and Companies who support our mission and vision to fetch cost-effective solutions to change lives. 

We believe that supporting SMEs is a reflection of our values and commitment to national economy in a 3D strategy mode; Determination, Dedication & Devotion which only can work on positive contributions to anything we choose to do.

OmanSupply can act as a virtual consultant for SMEs to get expert opinion on various issues like searching sustainable business ideas, business match-making, finding mentors, angel & reliable investors, cost-effective products & services, obsolete parts etc. through an unmatched combination of innovative technologies.

Our motto is Simple Supply Solutions; the brand identity of OmanSupply is linked to Product diversity, Solutions provider, Support to SMEs and Commitment to common people who plan a dream home in their life span.  

OmanSupply is always intend to stay back as a ‘Social Enterprise that extend our service towards a socio-economic business concept which can influence and resolve the present marketing challenges faced by MSMEs, thereby support and benefit the local economies and societies in which we operate. Absolutely, without any profit neither a commercial enterprise nor a social enterprise cannot survive. However, the foremost aim of our commitment is not profit, we have bigger goals and we rate our success by our impact to transform any social change in the society. 

On this occasion we congratulate all the stakeholders for their valuable inputs and guidance rendered to us with all the determination and efforts to bring out this web portal in a customer centric manner. 

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