Frequently Asked Questions

A. Who should register on  B. Can I use without registering?  C. How can I register on

A. Any registered company or their representative can register on to introduce or buy or sell or display their products and services. Only registered users can post buy or sell leads and contact buyers or suppliers in our site. 

Omani individuals who is involved in the construction of their dream home can also register to procure their quality construction materials. 

‘No used personal belongings or household items are allowed to be sold or displayed, except used industrial or construction equipment & machineries and surplus project sales’.

B. Yes, you can use OmanSupply without registering as a 'Guest User' to search Suppliers, Products & Quotes but neither you get an access into the detailed description of products nor the contact details of Suppliers or Buyers.

C. You can register by submitting the required details in the sign-up page. Once you complete the sign-up process, you will get an email for verification; after the verification of your email ID you can login on using your email ID and password. Registration procedure is deemed to be complete only after verification and you will be communicated through email confirmation or a call from OmanSupply registration team. Completion of the registration process does not guarantee any business from OmanSupply; however, it makes your products and services visible to your targeted customers.      

A. Why should I register on  B. Why the term ‘Registered User’ differ from a ‘User’?

A. is a premier B2B network that brings together Suppliers and Buyers from across Oman and the wider world to gain a digital edge over their competitors there by providing them an online platform to do active business and drive mutual growth.

B. The term ‘User’ mean any person who accesses or uses the Website as a ‘Guest’ or a ‘Visitor’ whereas a person accesses or uses by registering through the Website is termed as ‘Registered User’ or ‘Member’. The User can view only limited information on the Website without registering on the Website. However, certain other activities on the Website including but not limited to uploading information, posting comments, etc require the User to register on the Website. When the User creates a Registered User Account; the User shall be required to provide some personal or current contact information including the User's email address, which is used to protect the Registered User's account from unauthorized access.

As a Registered User, it is a condition of your use of this Website that all the information you provide on this Website will always be correct, current, and complete. You can just login into your ‘My Account’ section of the Website, there you may have an online area consisting of content and services that you create, develop, manage, maintain and some other functionality also made available to you on the Website including to list your company details such as postal address, details of contact person, telephone numbers, email & website address, embedded Google maps, list your products & services in various categories with images & description, post buy or sell leads and receive alerts, display new products, search the details of Suppliers, Products & Quotes, avail the details based on key word search, country or city wise results, contact Suppliers & Buyers instantly, you can create your own FREE internal website of your company with uploading of your registered company logo through our interface, and finally there are some extra optional, paid features are also provided to showcase your products & services under the registered ‘Brand’ category or availing the ‘Verified Badge’ as a proof of trust. Registered users can also opt either the basic Silver package for free or the premium Gold and Platinum package with limited custom internal website and maintenance as per your choice to break down all the barriers between Suppliers and Buyers.  

What are the advantages of registering on

Today the world is a digital global village; with the power of internet, business owners do not have to put so much effort in the promotion and marketing of their products & services in the traditional method. Currently potential customers are regularly search their products & services online so, listing of your company in a B2B portal, you can attract your targeted category of customers from all over the world. 

OmanSupply enables Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME’s) in particular to develop growth in sales on new unexplored local and international markets which will expose you to endless possibilities within a certain business category. At present, Micro and SMEs do not have enough fund or any strategic system or tools for their business development as compared to large industries. Marketing is one of the major challenge in which SMEs are facing in this economic downturn which is crucial for their growth and survival. Large enterprises have enough resources to employ professionals to take care of marketing of their products and services. With the use of digital technology SMEs can launch their new or existing products and services locally & globally at an astonishing pace.  Hence listing your company in a B2B portal like OmanSupply is an essential strategy for every SME owners. Several ‘Premium features’, expensive in similar B2B portals or to list in an ordinary directory services are included in the FREE basic membership package for ‘Registered Users’.   

The state-of-the-art digital technology and ecommerce are undoubtedly stronger than ever before; to be frank, no one can predict the explosive growth in this sector. The SME owners now have multiple opportunities to grow in this continuing latest global digital development process happening around the world to become market leaders. It is the time to bridge the digital divide in this exponential growth of technology around us and we must understand the opportunities that the digital world presents to our business.

So, the companies must act early to implement the digital technology to enhance your traditional business in order to market your products and services through digital channels. This will help you to cut down the marketing cost and time, maintain long-term relationship with customers, fast and frequent contact with potential customers globally, make an edge over your competitors, reduce manual procedures and integrate e-procurement. CFOs or Procurement managers can float RFQs /RFPs/RFIs from their office itself to estimate or forecast their yearly budget and can also verify the transparency of their purchase department actions. 

Most businesses have already realised that they must use digital channels to engage with their key stakeholders. Without innovation strategies, companies will certainly lose their competitive advantage in an increasingly commoditised world since the new digital platforms and devices are emerging in a rapid pace. 

A. Is the ‘Verified badge’ will issue to all the registered users?  B. Whether all the registered users can showcase their Products under ‘Brand’ category?

A. No, the ‘Verified badge’ is a proof of trust hence it is strictly issued only after a personal visit to the requested company and verification of their trade licenses by our team, if the company is in the reachable location. The requested user has to bear the fees for the site visit and this will be calculated based on the time and location.

If the company is far from Muscat or outside Sultanate of Oman, then we will assign any thirty-party company for background checks, they will help us prevent from fraudulent companies. They will investigate and provide us with comprehensive company reports which include the ownership data, work history, commercial licenses, credit ratings of the company etc. Their service charge for the verification process should be paid by the requested user.

B. Yes, we respect your ‘Brand’ and the intellectual property rights of every company but then the user has to submit the copy of letter and the ‘brand or logo’ approved by the Ministry of commerce & industry, Sultanate of Oman. If the requested company is located outside Sultanate of Oman, then also the company need to submit the copy of approval order attested by their respective Commerce & Industry or the authority concerned of their country.

Annual fee will be collected for listing in the 'Brand' category and the 50% of the revenue from this 'Brand' category alone will devote to the CSR activities in the Sultanate of Oman. For all Oman based Micro and SMEs can avail this facility for FREE.          

Beware of Fraud or Scam; Always follow ‘Safe buying tips’.?

Scams are an unfortunate aspect of our life; in many case a company may look genuine, however in reality it could turn out to be a scam. If the quantity of purchase is more then try to visit the company and physically verify the quality of the product. In case if you are unable to meet them personally then assign any thirty-party company for background checks, they will help prevent you from fraudulent companies. They will investigate and provide you with comprehensive company reports which include the ownership data, work history, commercial licenses, credit ratings of the company etc. This information will help you to make some better decisions before fixing the deal.

Knowing the people behind a company is becoming increasingly important in the business life and business ethics are one of the most important aspects of long-term success.

Before doing any financial transaction, please make sure the products are the same one which you are ordered and in good condition. Avoid giving any personal information over telephone or email like bank / credit card details etc. Do not pay any advance payment to anyone until you conduct a detailed study about their product, the reliability of the company, the return or refund policies, check for the ratings and reviews of suppliers/buyers, use alternate payment methods like PayPal etc. if credit card doesn’t seem safe, letter of credit (L/C) is the ideal payment method in the overseas trade, to safe guard the quality of products you can demand the supplier for a pre-shipment inspection, make sure to deal with the authorised person of the company, engage only with trusted shipping companies. Additionally, you can also avail the transaction settlement services of the Export Credit Guarantee Agency S.A.O.C.(Credit Oman)    

Always compare the product price, specification etc. and beware if the goods are cheaper than normal. Also, be cautious if the company is putting pressure on you to make a quick decision. Please do not neglect or ignore to collect a signed proof of purchase like invoice, catalogue, warranty / guarantee letter, certificate of origin etc. Keep all the documents including email communication in safe custody for future reference. If you notice anything suspicious while dealing, never hesitate to skip from that deal at any stage. Do not hesitate to report the relevant law enforcement authorities for necessary action. We also request our members to inform OmanSupply for any suspected abuse of our website by fake users, this will help us to cancel their user account and can take suitable action.  

Always remember provides only a Business 2 Business online platform for its registered users to showcase their product & services. We do not take part in the actual transaction that takes place between the Suppliers and Buyers and hence we are not a party to any contract for sale negotiated between Suppliers and Buyers. All transactions will be the sole responsibility of the members only.  

If you have received an email claiming to be from a debt collection company and saying that you owe money to OmanSupply, please note that this is a scam. These emails have not been sent by us, and we have not appointed a debt collection agency to act on our behalf.

What is the reason to select these five particular images as ‘Slider images’ in the home page?

The reason behind this motive is to inspire and connect the world with modern-day Oman and its dynamic business community, because ‘a picture is worth than thousand words’ or say ‘images speak louder than words’. So, these selected images will certainly explain the world about our existing infrastructure and significant opportunities; please click the links given below to know more about the given slider images and our great country Sultanate of Oman.  

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, Oman is like a radiant lighthouse attracting its visitors to interact with the spirit of Islam as a religion, science and civilisation. Read more
The logistics sector plays a vital role in Oman’s modern and ambitious economy. Read more
Sultanate of Oman offers unique and diverse tourist attractions which qualify Oman for a distinct position on the international tourism map. Read more

Why do some Category images look special?

As part of OmanSupply's ICV policy, we took some initiative to appreciate, support and create an awareness among public, to promote Oman’s renowned establishments; some category images are emphasised to draw attention from the users of this portal. 

For instance, as a courtesy to support the Government’s initiative ‘National Program for Enhancing Economic Diversification (TANFEEDH)’ to achieve the Oman Vision2020; we arranged the main category based on this programme and a unique image Vision2020 is also allotted for this promising 05 sectors. These selected sectors are ‘Transportation & Logistics Sector, Manufacturing Sector, Mining & Mineral Sector, Agriculture & Fisheries Sector and Travel & Tourism Sector.     

Likewise, as a marketing strategy to promote some of the Oman’s prestigious organisations are also highlighted; the image of ‘Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre’ is chosen for the sub category ‘Conventions & Exhibitions’ in the main category ‘Consultants’, the image of an Oman Air carrier is allotted for the main category ‘Aviation & Aerospace’, the image of Oman’s LNG tanker is given for the main category ‘Marine Equipment & Supplies’, also the image of ‘Muscat Silver Oil Tanker’ is designated for the sub category ‘Shipping Companies’ in the main category 'Transportation & Logistics', the image selected for the sub category ‘Buses & Coaches’ in the main category ‘Automobiles, Parts & Accessories’ is ‘Mwasalat Bus’, the image for the sub category ‘Sustainable Design’ in the main category ‘Consultants’ is selected for the incredible futuristic ‘Building Design’ by ‘German University Muscat’.  .  

Similarly, to support theGo Green campaign the image of a ‘Paper Pack’ is chosen for the main category ‘Printing & Packing’. This evoking image will certainly create an alertness that ‘even a delicate bulb is possible to pack in paper instead of plastic.

Is the responsible for any transaction between the Suppliers and Buyers?

Caution: Always remember! does not protect any transactions.  
OmanSupply provides only a Business 2 Business online platform for its registered users to showcase their product & services. We do not take part in the actual transaction that takes place between the Suppliers and Buyers and hence we are not a party to any contract for sale negotiated between Suppliers and Buyers. All transactions will be the sole responsibility of the members only.

How can an individual benefit from using OmanSupply in the construction of their dream home?

Every person has a dream to build a beautiful home; but making a decision to begin the construction is not that much easy. It requires a proper homework because the construction sector is very complex, unfair practices are common and in many case the contractors, and suppliers hide true things from owners due to their lack of technical knowledge. People often spend wastefully, expenditure goes beyond their budget and at the end of the day they get hooked up in a massive debt. 

So, the home owners are requested to familiarise themselves with all the required information and risk before entering into any construction work; try to take the advantages of using OmanSupply to know the budget, collect & compare the cost of building materials, various design & quality of products, contact the local & international suppliers for superior products etc. so that they can make a sensible decision before buying any products. Finding out the value for money products will undoubtedly save your cost of construction, quality and time. Sometimes building a dream home cost your life long earning hence, do not get cheated and ruin your future. 

However, the registered user has got the sole responsibility for verifying the products, suppliers & manufactures before placing or accepting the orders. Please read the ‘Safe buying tips’ & ‘Terms of Use’ before placing or accepting any purchase orders.