Mission, Vision & CSR

Our MISSION is to Ensure, Enhance and Empower customers to make their individual and industrial procurements to achieve value for money; means Efficiently, Effectively and Economically through an  unmatched combination of innovative technologies. 

Furthermore, to add value for SMEs by exhibiting them with international brands will enhance local brand visibility and enable their success in the global marketplace. We will encourage and extend our  resources possible to improve the local business entrepreneurs and talented youth from socially disadvantaged or from marginalized communities of society. 



Our VISION is to be the most preferred partner by all stakeholders there by ensuring strong ethical business practices, promoting entrepreneurship & innovation and overcome challenges through technology.

We are committed to continuously exceed customer expectations, in pursuit of our aim to be the most admired online B2B trading portal of the Sultanate of Oman.  It is our endeavour to commit ourselves to meet the ever-increasing customer expectations and to create best practices in the service industry that become benchmarks for others to follow.


 •    Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.        •    Overcome challenges through technology.             •    Sustainable energy sources for all.
 •    Effective resource mobilization.                              •    Affordable health monitoring for everyone.             •    Action to combat environmental change.
 •    Treat others with respect.                                         •    Productive employment and decent work for all.    •    Together we make the difference.
 •    Treat customers the way we’d like to be treated.   •    Encourage fair competition.                                      •    Combat corruption and bribery. 



OmanSupply is a community-minded creation thus we value and respect to assist the local community around us and other benevolent organizations purely dedicated to serve the needy and the environment. We strongly believe we have an obligation to give back and to protect it, and we will become better only when our local communities and economies are robust. So, we are confident that small efforts can make a huge difference in our communities. 

OmanSupply is founded on the principle that businesses have a moral obligation to contribute to society and community. We will continue to engage on issues which may improve the well-being of our society, there by unlocking the SME sector to transform as a crucial contributor and more sustainable partner in the ongoing economic diversification process, and to develop solutions that can address to interact social and environmental problems including better employment opportunities for nationals. 

Similarly, we work with local and global investors, ventures, government departments and all other service providers to create business matchmaking and funding solutions for ideas that drive social progress and financial return. We ensure that we will be in the forefront role for all significant contribution to Oman for curtailing the trade barriers in order to boost the national economy.  

OmanSupply is in close dialogue with various stakeholders and acts according to the strict guidelines and principles that are embedded in our company policy.

We Support “UN Global Compact” – “Responsible business practices, combined with collaboration and innovation, can bring about powerful change in markets and societies – proving that principles and profits go hand in hand.” 

The UN Global Compact is built on the belief that businesses everywhere can play a pivotal role in improving our world, and it starts by doing business right. In the rush to transform business models and systems for the future, integrity and values will have a huge role to play. Yes, innovation and technology will be central in the new era. But to achieve lasting and widespread sustainability results, all companies must take on fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. It’s time to end discrimination, provide a safe workplace, halt toxic pollution, and stop bribery. 

Imagine what we can achieve with the knowledge, technology and global reach of the companies and changemakers at hand. Companies need to start looking through the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ lens right away – imagining how their operations, products and services can support the realities of our planet and better serve markets both today and in the future. We live and breathe innovation and want to grow with products and technologies that benefit society and reduce the impact on our ecological systems.   



CONCLUSION: OmanSupply strongly believes that, “There is enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed”.